Human security, not military security

It is time to redefine security in terms of human and ecological needs instead of national sovereignty and national borders. Redirecting funding from armaments to human security and sustainable development will establish new priorities leading to the construction of a new social order which ensures the equal participation of marginalised groups, including women and indigenous people, restricts the use of military force and moves toward collective global security”  (Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice in the 21st Century)

WILPF belives that militarisation plays an integral role in the ecological destruction and social injustice experienced worldwide. We campaign for total and universal disarmament, the reduction of global military spending and the demilitarisation of politics and society.

In the UK we campaign for far reaching policy change, decreased military spending and disarmament.

Once you are alert to violence against women by the military, ‘military security’ begins to look a bit of an oxymoron. But also, an antiwar movement that goes on the streets against what soldiers are asked to do in wartime, but fails to campaign against what they do during ‘rest and recreation’, seems somehow blinkered. And then again, why activate against violence against women by men in uniform, yet not against the violence of men who don’t wear khaki: ordinary men at home, and on the street?” Cynthia Cockburn Read more >>