Say No to NATO

No to NATO demonstration flyerNATO countries have adopted a new Strategic Concept. This recommits member countries to NATO’s enlargement, military expansionism, the militarisation of the European Union and the retention of nuclear weapons.

WILPF asked the government not to sign up to this new Strategic Concept and, alongside other feminist anti-militarist organisations will continue to work against NATO and the damaging militarisation of our society.

NATO Retains 10,500 nuclear warheads and military facilities across Europe, and has expanded into Poland and the Czech Republic.  The ‘first strike’ policy to deploy nuclear weapons first remains a worrying presence on the international stage.

WILPF sees no role for NATO in our security. The military spending of NATO countries accounts for three quarters of the world military spending. Money that could better be spent on human security, through health care, education, and social support programmes.

Women suffer the most from the effects of war, through, the sex industry, trafficking, displacement and widowhood.  But women are not yet victims, they can and do play a role in conflict prevention, conflict resolutions  and peace building.

There is no role for NATO in our security. Real security is achieved through peaceful negotiation and the non – violent resolution of conflict.

Women Say No to NATO t-shirt action

Women say No to NATOOn Saturday 20 November WILPF members joined a t-shirt action in London that was part of a Europe-wide day of protest by feminist antimilitarists. It was mounted by WILPF along with Women in Black against WarAldermaston Women’s Peace Camp, and Trident Ploughshares. Alongside women in Italy, Germany and other NATO states, they were pointing out that military expenditure steals money from the education, health and housing services badly needed by women, who carry the main burden of domestic life. In war, women suffer displacement, rape, loss, injury and increased responsibilities. In NATO member states its military bases are a source of social stress in neighbourhoods, of toxic pollution, sexual exploitation and violence.

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