No Women No Peace

“It is now more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier in modern conflict” – Major General Patrick Cammaert, former UN Peacekeeping Operation commander in Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can’t build peace leaving half the people out

No Women No Peace is a new campaign by Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS UK), a network of 14 human rights and development organisations including UK WILPF.

Women are a prime target in conflict. Yet when it comes to building peace, women are often excluded. To build peace that works for all, this must change. No Women No Peace makes the case that you can’t build sustainable and inclusive peace leaving half of the population out.

10 years ago the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325 on women peace and security, which states that women must be involved in peace building processes. However, over the last twenty five years only 1 in 40 peace signatories have been women. Women’s experiences of conflict and the contribution they make in their communities continue to go unnoticed in formal peace building processes.

Women have the right to shape peace and to contribute to rebuilding their societies. In 2010 and 2011 no women no peace aims to raise the profile of issues around women and conflict and ask the UK government to honour it’s commitments.

No Women No Peace is calling for

  • Leadership. A minister mandated to actively advance government action on women, peace and security.
  • Coordination. A High-level taskforce of Senior government officials mandated to drive forward this work across relevant departments.
  • Investment. Within existing budgets clear funds must be allocated for women.
  • Accountability. Government should formally report on progress to parliament and civil society in Autumn 2011 and every year thereafter.

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