WILPF gets into GEAR

GEAR logoUK WILPF is part of a network of NGOs campaigning for stronger Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR). All over the world, women and girls are less likely to gain access to adequate health care, go to school, own property or participate in decision-making structures. The United Nations has a key role to play in working for women’s rights globally. However, the UN bodies dealing with gender equality are under-resourced and fragmented.

The Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) Campaign calls for the creation of a strong new women’s entity at the UN. The UN General Assembly will make a decision on the structure of this new entity in September 2009 demanding equal representation of women on the highest level and a much larger budget for women than the existing structure.

We must act now to influence governments to ensure that the new entity can really make a difference to women’s lives around the world!

For further information or to join the campaign, visit: http://www.un-gear.eu/takeaction.shtml