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Dakar appeal against the land grab

WILPF has signed a collective appeal against land grabbing released during the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal, in February 2011.

The appeal calls for an immediate stop to land grabbing and the restitution of the lands that have been taken away from local communities. Land grabbing threatens the right to food of rural populations, condemns them to suffer unemployment and rural exodus, exacerbates poverty and conflicts and contributes to the loss of agricultural knowledge and skills and cultural identities.

The Dakar Appeal, together with the names of organisations endorsing it, will be presented during the mobilizations against the G20 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting in Paris on 22-23 June.

The appeal is also open to signatures from individuals add your voice!


New No Women, No Peace campaign video

This film by No Women, No Peace, which is a campaign by Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS) UK network, was shot on International Women’s Day 2011. It features activists speaking out for women in conflict areas. Many of the issues faced by women in conflict have been ignored, and brave women all over the world are actively trying to make their voices heard.

Speakers in the film in order of appearance: Nounou Booto, Enid Kakaire, Hilary Page, Natalie Sharples, Shelagh Daley and Helen Pankhurst.

Video produced by: Andrew Davies

WILPF Strengthening women’s rights campaign >>

Declaration against the War in Libya

WILPF women in the UK, Germany, France and the United States are angry at our governments’ actions in Libya.

The bombing is hypocrisy. Our governments have presented military intervention as coming to the ‘rescue’ of rebels and civilians while diplomacy has taken a back seat. They have forgotten that military intervention is not the answer to the Libyan people’s calls for freedom and democracy.

The UN Charter clearly states that all parties need to settle their disputes peacefully, to ensure international peace, security and justice. Only when all other means have failed can further action be taken. In the case of Libya the obligation to work for peace has been reversed with the massive military strike coming first, while strengthened boycotts and civilian measures are still being debated.

We ask our governments to use diplomacy and peaceful political pressure to resolve the situation in Libya. We call for a total ban on arms exports to all sides in Libya, and no more arms exports to repressive regimes.

Statement from WILPF Germany against the war in Libya (PDF)