Executive members

Executive meeting, June 2011 Executive meeting, June 2011

2011 Officers

Vice President: Mary Alys

Vice President Mary Alys, from our newest branch in Leicester, has been a member of WILPF since 1982 and on the Executive for several years, working to develop WILPF to meet the challenges and changes of the times. Mary is motivated to work on building the organisation and exploring the ways that International WILPF can work at the national and local levels to redefine security.

Vice President: Ella Page

Ella Page from London, has been a member of WILPF and on the Executive for six years and has a background in gender and development. Ella’s goals for UK WILPF are to make it a more visible, more active, and more dynamic campaigning organisation.

Treasurer: Soraya Shalek

Membership Secretary/Building the Organisation: Diane Brace

London branch member, Diane Brace, is returning as Membership Secretary. Diane is focused on building and enhancing UK WILPF to become even more recognisable and even more influential.

International Board Member: Lorraine Mirham

Lorraine Mirham, from the Leicester branch, is returning as the International Board Member. Lorriane first became involved with WILPF in 1984, at the Branch in Worthing. Lorraine has been on the Executive for many years in a number of positions, but as International Rep, Lorraine wants to support the section to deliver on its obligations to the International Programme and help International to effectively support us with their expertise and knowledge.

She continues to work on her long held commitment – now under the Building the Organisation banner – to help us modernise and hone and focus our efforts.

International Vice-President: Martha Jean Baker

Martha Jean Baker, of the London branch, represents UK WILPF as a WILPF International Vice-President. WILPF was a part of Martha’s life as she grew up and she has been active in the UK section since 1997. She mentors the Strengthening Women’s Rights Campaign and has extensive experience working with international sections of WILPF and women’s lobbying groups.

Executive Committee

  • Chantelle Cummings, of the London branch, will be returning on the Executive this year. Chantelle will be focused on developing UK WILPF fundraising capacity and is keen on becoming more involved in campaign development.
  • Marie Claire Faray, of the London branch, will be continuing her work on the Executive to further WILPF’s vision. Marie Claire hopes to strengthen the Voices of African Women Campaign by promoting its work among fellow Congolese and African women and grassroot organisations.
  • Maie El Hag a former WILPF intern and involved in the Voices of African Women campaign.
  • Jennifer Korty is a former WILPF Strengthening Women’s Rights intern and Brighton branch member. She joined the Executive this year and is looking forward to developing our campaigns and Y-WILPF.
  • Liz Brandow
  • Janet Fenton