WILPF is an exciting and dynamic membership organisation. We campaign to facilitate structural changes to achieve social, economic and political equality for all. Our goals include the abolition of the war system, total and universal disarmament, the elimination of racism, and the full and equal participation of women in all political, social and economic processes. The majority of the membership fee goes straight to Geneva to support WILPF’s work at the United Nations.

Members and Friends

Women can join as members and both women and men can become a Friend of WILPF. Becoming a Friend is a good option for those who do not want to be actively involved but who want to show their support in a practical and tangible way and keep in touch with our work.

Members receive our quarterly newsletter and both members and Friends receive invitations to seminars and workshops, alongside regular campaigning updates. Both members and Friends can subscribe to the WILPF international publication ‘International Peace Update’ which contains updates from WILPF sections across the world as well as information from our work at the United Nations.

Members can also join the Y-WILPF network, the campaign working groups, and are eligible to join the executive.

Membership fees

  • £10 First year
  • £16 – £30 Standard annual rate (sliding scale)
  • £10 Concessionary rate



There is an annual fee of £25 for becoming a friend. If you are interested, please contact us.

Honorary Friends

UK WILPF invites key supporters to be Honorary Friends of WILPF to show our gratitude and appreciation of their work and support. Currently we have two Honorary Friends: Bruce Kent, the honorary vice president of CND, and Jeremy Corbyn, MP.