Y-WILPF members LSE Student Society at Reclaim the Night

Y-WILPF (Young WILPF) is an international network for new and younger members of WILPF. The network acts as a platform for members to exchange ideas, experiences and inspiration in an international arena. The aim is to empower young women to work for peace through international co-operation.

The network has a contact in each member country who facilitates communication and arranges activities in her own country. Y-WILPF has contact people in Lebanon, Albania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Italy, Germany, Canada and the USA. Y-WILPF is an integral part of WILPF, aiming to train and enthuse campaigners and leaders of the future. We are hoping to have an active Y-WILPF group in the UK soon.

Y-WILPF organises an annual seminar, the Gertrude Baer seminar. This seminar aims to facilitate new members involvement in international WILPF meetings and give an insight into the culture and politics of the participant countries.

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To Find out more about Y-WILPF or to join the network, contact us.